About SMS

Today’s economic reality has created a paradigm shift in the way we must go to market. Manufacturers are vying for a smaller market that likely will not return to former volumes. Those who are to remain and grow must “right size” their businesses to the new reality: Minimizing overhead costs while finding creative ways to innovate and separate themselves from the competition.


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Summit Marine Sales is uniquely positioned to address the new economic reality.

“If you serve too many masters, you’ll soon suffer” – Homer

Summit Marine Sales recognizes that careful and discriminating care must be taken in choosing our principals/partners. In today’s evolving business climate, SMS understands the need to become expert in our customers and in our principals businesses.  This only becomes possible with a fundamental change to the traditional business model. Simply put, we must limit our lines to a few outstanding companies whose philosophy and understanding of the changing market mirrors our own.

Expanding beyond that which is traditional, SMS seeks to add value through providing in-depth technical expertise, product development consultation, advanced troubleshooting, and systems integration with a hands on approach to providing such solutions.

SMS dedicates its time and attention toward helping its principals and customers identify and achieve their goals.